Program Details - CUA20215 Certificate II in Creative Industries - Ocean View College B-12

Program TitleCUA20215 Certificate II in Creative Industries - Ocean View College B-12
Industry SectorCreative Arts
DescriptionThis course is designed to introduce students to the many career opportunities available for 3D artists, animators and designers. This course gives students an understanding of the creative potential of the 3D animation software used in the games, film and visual effects industry. The course covers the fundamentals of 3D animation including: • 3D modelling • Texturing • Animation • Lighting • Rendering • Character design • Environment design • Short movie production The course is focused on learning how to create a short animated film with a 3D character at an introductory level. Students start by planning and discussing their short animated film ideas through concept art and storyboards. Students learn how to model and animate their designs. They will then complete the production process with a short animated film that is presented on a video hosting website (such as YouTube), or as an AVI file. Students will also learn how the 3D animation film industry works. They will learn about how studios are setup, the software they use and the people they employ.
PathwaysStudents can follow up this course with a Certificate III in Screen & media - Game Art Foundations to further develop character and 3D environments in industry standard software. Focusing on Art development as an exciting and dynamic entertainment medium that can be adaptated to suit architecture, product design and film making as well as emerging technologies such as mixed reality.
Program Length2 semesters (1 year)
While students can exit after one year with the Certificate II, this course is the first year of a two-year Certificate III in Screen and Media. Year 1 is an animation focus and year 2 is a gaming focus.
CoursesThe following courses are offered within this program

Certificate II in Creative Industries
Host    : Ocean View College B-12
Location(s) : Ocean View College B-12
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