Program Details - Fitness - Ocean View College B-12

Program TitleFitness - Ocean View College B-12
Industry SectorSport & Recreation
QualificationCertificate III in Fitness
Qualification CodeSIS30315
DescriptionLaunch your exciting career as a fitness instructor! This qualification provides the skills and knowledge for an individual to work in fitness centres, as either a gym or group exercise instructor. This program will be undertaken in various locations, such as gyms, fitness facilities, community facilities and outdoor environments, and include a work placement in a fitness centre.
PathwaysCertificate IV Fitness, Diploma in Fitness and a career in the fitness industry.
Program Length2 semesters (1 year)
CoursesThe following courses are offered within this program

Host    : Ocean View College B-12
Location(s) : Ocean View College B-12
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