Program Details - Horticulture - Woodville High School

Program TitleHorticulture - Woodville High School
Industry SectorConservation and Horticulture
QualificationCertificate II in Horticulture
Qualification CodeCHC20416
DescriptionThis course involves learning about the ecosystem of the garden: the rhythm of the seasons, the interaction of the soil, plants and animals that share the garden; planting, nurturing, picking, processing and eating your own food; using a variety of hand tools and power tools, and the integration of physical and intellectual work; possible future pathways in horticulture, agriculture or related industries; and working safely in a team and individually.
PathwaysArborist, Farmer, Florist, Forestry Worker, Gardener, Greenkeeper, Groundsperson, Horticultural Tradesperson, Landscape Architect, Landscape Gardener, Nursery Worker, Plant Propagator, Tree Surgeon, Turf Keeper, Viticulturalist, Winery Worker.
Program Length2 semesters (1 year)
CoursesThe following courses are offered within this program

Host    : Woodville High School
Location(s) : Woodville High School
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