Program Details - Information Technology Cert 2 (Information, Digital Media and Technology) - Thebarton Senior College

Program TitleInformation Technology Cert 2 (Information, Digital Media and Technology) - Thebarton Senior College
Industry SectorInformation Technology, Media & Studio Recording
QualificationCertificate II in Information, Digital Media and Technology
Qualification CodeICT20115
DescriptionThis course is studied online through the Thebarton Moodle. However, in order to build a supportive and effective IT environment, a face-to-face orientation session will be held at the start of the course. This course requires students to demonstrate their ability to set up hardware and install and customise software as well as troubleshoot problems. A practical test session will be held at Thebarton Senior College so that this can take place under supervision and with the required equipment available. Students may be able to negotiate alternative arrangements if this session time does not suit them. Other interactivity between students will be on the Moodle or at other face-to-face sessions as required. Online video links such as Facetime, Skype or similar may be used to hold one-to-one sessions with the online teacher.
PathwaysLeads to high study in IT pathways See:
Program Length2 semesters (1 year)
CoursesThe following courses are offered within this program

Information Technology Certificate 2 (Information, Digital Media and Technology)
Host    : Thebarton Senior College
Location(s) : On-line delivery & Thebarton Senior College
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