Program Details - Plumbing - Seaton High School

Program TitlePlumbing - Seaton High School
Industry SectorConstruction
QualificationCertificate I in Construction
Qualification CodeCPC10111
DescriptionThis program is a great option for students interested in pursuing a career in the plumbing industry. This course contains practical work undertaken in the new Trade Training Centre facilities, the necessary theoretical knowledge, and industry site experience through workplace learning. Satisfactory completion of this course will position students to go on to further study at Certificate II level and beyond or gain apprenticeships.
PathwaysSuccessful completion of this course can lead to career pathways as an apprentice in the plumbing industry or other areas of the construction industry. It also leads to Plumbing Plus (Certificate III in Roof Plumbing at Seaton High School).
Program Length1 semester (0.5 years)
This course is offered in semester 2.
CoursesThe following courses are offered within this program

Host    : Seaton High School
Location(s) : Seaton High School
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