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Program TitleWork Health & Safety - Plympon International College
Industry SectorWork Health & Safety
QualificationCertificate III in Work Health and Safety
Qualification CodeBSB30715
DescriptionOrganisations are always looking for talented people, either to have them join the organisation or to learn from them. Thanks to the work experiences of the past and the lessons learned, governments, industries, organisations and individuals in Australia have adopted the basic premise that a worker should have the right to return home after leaving the workplace in the same condition they were when they arrived. In other words, to remain safe from potential workplace hazards, risks and unhealthy environments. The qualification requirements for this course have been aligned to match as close as possible the work activities, expectations and requirements of a typical organisation. To do this, we have created a fictional company called CEG Resources. It has a management structure with several divisions operating both in support of other departments and servicing outside clients. As learners begin this course, they become an integral part of a workplace incident that occurs within our fictional company. As the training unfolds, learners are exposed to knowledge and skills they must apply in order to work through events that would typically occur in such a situation. Although this course is online, learners are required to interact with their trainer, other learners and persons linked to the course. This course does not simply require participants to read some learning materials, watch a few videos and answers some questions to pass. This course embeds learners into the incident and they must act accordingly to minimise further risk. They must also take an active part in ensuring such a situation is investigated thoroughly to prevent a reoccurrence. We hope participants will value the unique opportunity of learning with us in this manner. We believe this experience will give them a firm foundation in safety from which to begin and develop an exciting career in their chosen field as one of the talented people on the frontline of industry.
PathwaysThis qualification is suitable for skilled operators who take on Work Health and Safety (WHS) responsibilities in addition to their main duties. They may provide technical advice and support to a team and apply a range of competencies in varied work contexts.
Program Length2 semesters (1 year)
CoursesThe following courses are offered within this program

Work Health & Safety
Host    : Plympton International College
Location(s) : Plympton International College
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