Program Details - Conservation and Land Management - Portside Christian College

Program TitleConservation and Land Management - Portside Christian College
Industry SectorConservation and Horticulture
QualificationCertificate II in Conservation and Land Management
Qualification CodeAHC21010
DescriptionThis course will provide an introduction into the Conservation and Land Management Industry with work carried out under general guidance and supervision. A highlight of this course is a three day/two night stay at Monarto Zoological Park, involving activities that are often behind the scenes from where visitors are usually allowed. Sleeping under the stars in a swag, building paths, repairing fences and getting up close to animals are all part of the hands on activities offered to students.
PathwaysConservation Worker, Indigenous Lands Worker, Revegetation Worker, Environmental Field Officer, National Parks Ranger, Environmental Consultant, Viticulturalist, Plant Propagator.
Program Length2 semesters (1 year)
CoursesThe following courses are offered within this program

Conservation and Land Management
Host    : Portside Christian College
Location(s) : Portside Christian College Trade Training Centre
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