Program Details - Sport and Recreation Certificate 3 - Ocean View College

Program TitleSport and Recreation Certificate 3 - Ocean View College
Industry SectorSport & Recreation
QualificationCertificate III Sport & Recreation
Qualification CodeSIS30115
DescriptionThis program is for students who wish to experience working within a specialist area of coaching, officiating and event management in the sport and recreation industry. Students will engage in individual and collaborative projects at school and in the community. Students will gain theoretical and practical skills and knowledge in the areas of sports organisations within games and competitions, as well as participation in outdoor recreational activities. Skills and knowledge developed include sports administration, maintaining sport and recreation equipment and facilities and WHS practices.
PathwaysRelated areas for further education or possible employment include: Sport & Rec Management, Sports Coaching, Certificate 3 & 4 Fitness, Bachelor of Applied Science (Recreation Planning and Management), Bachelor of Human Movement, Bachelor of Education – Specialising in HPE.
Program Length2 semesters (1 year)
CoursesThe following courses are offered within this program

Sport and Recreation Certificate 3
Host    : Ocean View College B-12
Location(s) : Ocean View College B-12
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