Program Details - Hospitality (Food and Beverage) - Henley High School

Program TitleHospitality (Food and Beverage) - Henley High School
Industry SectorHospitality
QualificationCertificate II in Hospitality
Qualification CodeSIT20213
DescriptionA prevocational program, covering the skills and knowledge to work within the hospitality industry. The program covers a range of food and beverage functions and client service activities, including health and safety, hygiene, food and beverage service and kitchen hand functions. Students will acquire skills and knowledge in interpersonal communication and customer service, cultural awareness required for serving customers and working with colleagues from diverse backgrounds, including communicating efficiently on the telephone. Practical skills and knowledge focus on preparing table settings and service areas, using table reservation systems, greeting, seating and farewelling guests, describing menu items and taking orders, food service skills, clearing, resetting tables, preparing and serving non-alcoholic beverages.
PathwaysCareer options may include: Waiter, Retail Liquor Attendant, Bar Attendant, Café Attendant, Restaurant Attendant, Bar Operator, Barista/Coffee Machine Operator, Waiter, Catering Assistant, Kitchen Attendant, Food and Beverage Supervisor.
Program Length2 semesters (1 year)
CoursesThe following courses are offered within this program

Hospitality (Food and Beverage)
Host    : Henley High School
Location(s) : Henley High School
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